@robocoder opened this Issue on November 28th 2010 Contributor

We would like to propose an advanced page to allow users to generate a tailor made javascript code for their pages.

Some options that this Javascript Tracking tag generator would include are:

  • display the asynchronous code only (currently we only display the non async code)
  • A radio button to "Group Page Titles report by subdomain". Useful when tracking multiple subdomains in the same Piwik website. See #1657
  • A radio button to "Track unique visitors across subdomains of $WEBSITE_HOST". Would call .setDomains('.example.org');
    • This would also ensure clicks to sub domains are not tracked as outlinks.
  • Should we default to load the JS from /js/ instead of piwik.js? This has the advantage of using compression, expire headers, etc. will result in a faster experience for webservers that do not set expire headers on static JS files. (Not doing for now).
  • allow to customize the campaign and name and keyword parameters (similar to GA "My online campaigns from other providers use different tags than those used by Google Analytics"). Calls setCampaignNameKey and/or setCampaignKeywordKey
  • Have a separate tool / tab for "Image tracker" that would generate the image given a few possible parameters (page name, idgoal / revenue)
    • This would greatly increase visibility of image tracker feature and would allow marketer to easily tag their newsletters, press releases, ebay pages, with the image tracker.


  • Explain that on dynamic pages, code can be added to a footer file or similar
  • Update the documentation at: http://piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/ and other places, to use the asynchronous version
    • Could we use a JS plugin that allows to show both versions (async by default, tab above the code snippet allowing to switch to non async?)
  • ~~Allow to enable "Ping on page" that will improve bounce rate metric by pinging Piwik regularly when the tab is on focus. see #2041
  • Finally, it would be nice to review the JS Code section of the Installer to: simplify the text, simplify the UI, give async by default. Also, it would be nice to finally i18n this text so that all users can see it in their language as they all go through it during install!! :)
@julienmoumne commented on December 1st 2010 Member

Could we display a notice about each method pros and cons to help the user pick a method tailored to its needs?

@mattab commented on December 20th 2010 Member

see also #1657

@mattab commented on January 8th 2011 Member

Such JS tag config screen would have a checkbox "Track unique visitors across subdomains of $WEBSITE_HOST"

which would add the following line:


which will force 1st party cookie to be set across
all subdomains (see #409 )

@mattab commented on January 20th 2011 Member

If we push the use of asynchronous tracking code, how do we update the documentation, since there will be 2 ways of configuring the tracker? For example, we could have an inlined panel with 2 tables that would display the same tracking code type in all panel. Or, we could simply only display the doc for the asynchronous code.

@mattab commented on January 21st 2011 Member

I'm also wondering if we could, by default, load the JS from piwik/js/ ? Is there any known blockers from doing it by default (any misconfiguration/missing extension) that are not tested for or handled in all cases? we couldn't really add one more failure option at this level (the "there is no data" FAQ is already quite big).

@robocoder commented on February 6th 2011 Contributor

Replying to matt:

I'm also wondering if we could, by default, load the JS from piwik/js/ ? Is there any known blockers from doing it by default (any misconfiguration/missing extension) that are not tested for or handled in all cases? we couldn't really add one more failure option at this level (the "there is no data" FAQ is already quite big).

The code that serves static files is fairly robust now (especially with the double compression problem fixed).

+1 Most users who run ABP use subscriptions. Imagine my surprise to see that the latest EasyPrivacy subscription still has piwik.js|php blocked, but ga.js was recently removed from the list. boggle

@mattab commented on February 8th 2011 Member

Oh that doesn't make much change at all! but maybe with 1st party cookies they will remove it directly.

we will leave the piwik.js for 1.2 but if all goes well we could def move to /js in 1.3, which this ticket will be in I think

@mattab commented on February 19th 2011 Member

There could also be an pre-checked option:

which would ensure clicks to sub domains are not tracked as outlinks.
Even, the JS tag could be pre-filled with the Alias URLs filled in for this website as to keep some domains appearing in the list when it is important (eg. tracked in a different website).

@robocoder commented on February 25th 2011 Contributor

Please add to the inline text and/or documentation/faq that the user may need to "escape" the pasted tracking code when using a template or an app with its own templating system.

@robocoder commented on March 13th 2011 Contributor

From #2182, we could inspect the main URL and alias URLs, to see if there are any secure URLs. An example, where a hosting provider might have a shared SSL certificate:

var pkBaseURL = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://host123.example.net/~account/example.com/piwik/" : "http://example.com/piwik/");```
@robocoder commented on March 13th 2011 Contributor

scratch that I made an assumption. To be more general, it would require a couple of new parameters (or settings, if you want it persistent) to specify the tracker URL (secure vs non-secure); default would be the current URL.

@mattab commented on April 28th 2011 Member

#2041 would also be a good candidate for JS tracking option

Also see #1657

@mattab commented on March 9th 2012 Member

Updating ticket description consolidated from comments.

@mattab commented on May 30th 2012 Member

Other ideas/requirements:

@diosmosis commented on February 21st 2013 Member

In f1f29bce4942e0429a98e7dcec6e86dd89853f5c: Refs #1845, added new admin page where users can create their own custom JavaScript tracking code snippets and image tracking link HTML.


  • Rewrote Site selector widget JS so multiple site selectors could be used on the same page.
  • Added method to ajaxHelper JS class that eases use of bulk request API.
  • Allowed section toggler JS in misc.js to be used w/ input elements as well as links.
  • Fixed bug in menu ordering code where accessing _hasSubMenu results in uasort behaving incorrectly when menu is already sorted.
@diosmosis commented on February 22nd 2013 Member

All done!

@diosmosis commented on February 25th 2013 Member

In c6ac229c8e7d6cf032d50ae604f829933b11fd73: Refs #1845, switch to async JS in other places and apply fixes to tracking code admin page & other pages.


  • Fix bug in Installation page that displays JS where newlines were not displayed and text would not be selected on click.
  • Modify piwik.js to make sure setTrackerUrl is called before _paq is processed.
  • Move _paq modifications in tracker code to global scope outside every anonymous function.
  • Fix bug in rewritten site selector widget where selecting the same site didn't fire an event (necessary for some uses).
  • Fix bug where change of site resulted in delay before site name in labels changed.
  • Fix bug where site name was double encoded in tracking code admin page.
  • Rewrite piwik_tag.tpl to use async tracking code.
@diosmosis commented on February 26th 2013 Member

In 8c0bbda883334c2136e6cb3a3b6cff34745c625e: Refs #1845, change code in proxy-hide-piwik-url/piwik.php to use async code.

@mattab commented on February 26th 2013 Member

In b562ded89964307f83379c8b4e6b2366b77208b9: Refs #1845 Adding failing JS test for use case discussed

Goal: . make it hard to misuse API

Bug: if trackPageView is pushed to async before setTrackerUrl, the request will not be tracked.

Solution: setTrackerUrl should be executed first even if i was async "pushed" at a later stage (Benaka has patch).

@mattab commented on February 26th 2013 Member

In c405a15af93d981bee32d26a8f38ee1371d9be78: Refs #1845

  • the tests/js is now passing following Benaka's commit, sweeet
  • Adding setsiteId to the "special case" so that setSiteId can be called after trackpageView and it still works
  • Adding pathname in the generated JS
  • HTML entity the & in the IMG src
@mattab commented on February 26th 2013 Member

In ffa2c8acf5d396662fe1b378d97deeac2bb2195c: Refs #1845

  • Adding minified piwik.js Thanks Anthon for reminder..
@diosmosis commented on February 27th 2013 Member

In 3cee71c1c3bf1d46b75672c466452ab05e5b1d41: Refs #1845, display current site's host in help text/description of tracking code admin page's inputs.

@diosmosis commented on March 4th 2013 Member

In 51e6c3539a948521b31cea6a8aed8287cf2650ea: Refs #1845, make sure current site host is used in default alias in merge alias option description and in group by domain description.

@diosmosis commented on March 10th 2013 Member

In a74a4f350dc8f4802e6774fd739644d45ee45612: Refs #1845, fix user settings site selector regression.

This Issue was closed on March 10th 2013
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