@robocoder opened this Issue on November 25th 2010 Contributor

common.js uses the data: uri in the browser, but this is not supported by IE7 (and earlier).

  • common.js: add a browser-side test for data: uri support in piwikHelper.OFC.jquery.popup(), and if not-supported, use ajax to POST the base64 image data over to Proxy's exportImage, e.g.,
var data = new Image();
data.onload = data.onerror = function(){
    if(this.width != 1 || this.height != 1)
        ... // data: uri not supported
        ... // data: uri is supported
data.src = "";
  • common.js: at the same time, perhaps, remove the unused piwikHelper.OFC.jquery.rasterize() method, and inline piwikHelper.OFC.jquery.image() into piwikHelper.OFC.jquery.popup()
  • Proxy/Controller.php: enhance exportImage to use MHTML format for IE7 (and earlier)
@robocoder commented on July 3rd 2011 Contributor

(In [4987]) refs #1841 - exportImage and outputImage are now deprecated (since OFC has been replaced); will be removed if/when PiwikMap.swf switches to non-Flash

This Issue was closed on July 3rd 2011
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