@mattab opened this Issue on November 23rd 2010 Member

There have been a few requests for this feature. It seems Piwik users want to receive "Visitor logs" in their email on a daily/weekly basis. We could allow Visitor Log to be included in the PDF report.

Note: we should probably allow to customize the number of Visitors to include, rather than include the default 25 rows.

This would introduce a new small UI element in the PDF report creation screen. This would also require a new format in the API parameter "reports" which currently only takes the report names (comma separated, see PDFReports/API.php).

@geromefreeman commented on June 8th 2015

I support adding this. I just pulled the data from the JSON api into a custom HTML output and used Amazon's SES to send the emails on a cron job but it's a little bit of hack to have to use another cron instead of the existing scheduling system. It works but it would be cool to have this integrated.

@mattab commented on January 16th 2019 Member

We get asked this from time to time.

A great use case is: as a website owner, I want to receive each day the list of visitors who have converted my most important goal. So I want to create a scheduled email report, apply my segment "Converted goal Purchase" and choose to display the "Visitor log / List of visits" in my email report.

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