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We are currently still using Symfony Console (and other components) in version 2.6.
This one is quite outdated and has some issues with PHP 8.1 (deprecation warnings).

This PR will update all components to the last available version 5.3.x.

So far there were two issues I have identified after the update:

  • The monolog class ConsoleFormatter does not longer have multiple constructor parameters, but takes an option array instead. This was adjusted in plugins/Monolog/config/cli.php

  • The execute method of a console command is now kind of forced to return an integer. Before that was kind of expected, but all other values were silently treated as 0. I have adjusted our command class, so it will catch and log that error and return 0 in that case. That way commands that may not yet be adjusted won't fail. I have nevertheless changed all commands in core here and already created PRs for the submodule plugins.


@justinvelluppillai commented on December 3rd 2021 Contributor

Thanks for the comments @mickaelandrieu. This PR and the symfony updates are now scheduled for the 5.0.0 milestone as our initial look suggests it will require BC breaks.

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