@robocoder opened this Issue on November 23rd 2010 Contributor

There are API methods in Live and SitesManager that take 'limit" instead of 'format_limit'.


  • change these methods to instead accept format_limit; we can getRequestVar('limit') for backward compatibility
@robocoder commented on November 23rd 2010 Contributor

On second thought, format_limit doesn't appear in any other method signatures, and it would be a compat buster to simply remove 'limit' from the parameter list.

@robocoder commented on November 25th 2010 Contributor

(In [3363]) fixes #1706, refs #1832 - allow filter_limit to override default limit; provides API consistency

@robocoder commented on November 29th 2010 Contributor

(In [3380]) refs #1706, refs #1832

@mattab commented on December 21st 2010 Member

(In [3479]) Fixes #1832, Fixes #1873

This Issue was closed on December 21st 2010
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