@peterhashair opened this Pull Request on November 1st 2021 Contributor


Fixes: #18250
remove feedback links. Be aware this plugin is already covert to the VUE solution.

This PR is actually merged into #18262. They basically does similar thing Otherwise there will be conflicts.


@peterhashair commented on November 3rd 2021 Contributor

@bx80 thanks for pointing that out. Removed the popup.

@sgiehl commented on November 5th 2021 Member

@peterhashair If this one is integrated in another PR, shall we close it and only review the other one, when it's done. Or are you planning to rebase the other PR, once this one would be reviewed and merged?

@peterhashair commented on November 5th 2021 Contributor

@sgiehl yes, about to close that one.

This Pull Request was closed on November 5th 2021
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