@Orygaw opened this Issue on October 25th 2021

hello Is it possible to delete the e-mail alert information about the creation and deletion of a new user on the adminstrator account?

These alerts get in the way when I have a large user base.

Maybe there is a plug for it? I used Matomo v4.5.0

@bx80 commented on October 25th 2021 Contributor

Hi @Orygaw, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately at the moment there isn't a way to disable the administrator emails for new user creation or deletion. I'm not aware of any plugin that adds this option.

@andyjdavis commented on November 19th 2021 Contributor

Would it be useful to have a "send email notifications for user creation and deletion" setting, on by default, which could be turned off?

@sgiehl commented on November 19th 2021 Member

I agree. An option for those mails might be nice.
If you want to disable creation and deletion mails on your instance you can currently achieve that by creating something like this in config/config.php


return [
    'observers.global' => \DI\add([
        ['Mail.shouldSend', \DI\value(function (&$shouldSendMail, $mail) {
            if ($mail instanceof \Piwik\Plugins\CoreAdminHome\Emails\UserCreatedEmail ||
                $mail instanceof \Piwik\Plugins\CoreAdminHome\Emails\UserDeletedEmail) {
                $shouldSendMail = false;
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