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Lot's of files are changed, but those are cosmetics changes only.


@sgiehl commented on October 26th 2021 Member

@hywak would you mind merging in the latest changes from 4.x-dev branch. Travis builds should be up and running again, so we hopefully can see afterwards if all those changes break anything or not.

@sgiehl commented on October 28th 2021 Member

@hywak Seems there are a plenty of tests failing. Might be good to first looking into why the Unit tests are failing, maybe fixing those might also fix some of the other test suites:
I'm not sure when I will find some time to have a quick look myself to maybe identify some first issues, but will try to do that soon.

@hywak commented on October 28th 2021

@sgiehl I will take a look at it tomorrow or at the weekend :)

@hywak commented on October 29th 2021

@sgiehl Is there documentation on how to run tests locally?

@sgiehl commented on October 29th 2021 Member

@hywak sure. See https://developer.matomo.org/guides/tests
If you have any problems with that, feel free to ask.

@hywak commented on October 29th 2021
@sgiehl commented on October 29th 2021 Member

The System tests are still failing though. Seems to be caused by some kind of rounding issue. Guess some check doesn't do the same as before...

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