@comp-lsa opened this Issue on October 21st 2021


We have our matomo instance running behind a Reverse Proxy Server.
We don't manage the Reverse Proxy Server but we have received confirmation from the Administrator that the mapping is a standard mapping:

  • with a x.forwarded-host header activated (+other header are by default activated through the mapping environment)
  • page rewrite activated
    The mapping is:
    https://OurReverseProxyServer/OurAppContextPath> --> http://OurMatomoServer:8080
    The problem we have is the following:
    We connect to matomo with the URL https://OurReverseProxyServer/OurAppContextPath/index.php
    The login page id displayed
    We enter the login and password
    We have the message:
    _Access Denied (policydenied)
    Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.
    For assistance, contact your network support team.

    The URL at that moment is: "https://OurReverseProxyServer/index.php" without the ContextPath
    We click on the back arrow of the browser and we are connected to the dashboard with the correct URL ! which is a workaround because finally we can connect and matomo seems to work, but we would like to solve this.
    This behavior is the same with all the browsers.
    The PRM administrator thinks the problem is at application level.
    We suppose we need to specify the ContextPath somewhere in the application server.
    Matomo is running on Windows 2012 server (test) and Windows 2016 (prod) servers with IIS, thus probably we need to specify this at IIS level but we don't know how ...
    Could you please help us with this ?
    The Matomo version is : 4.4.1
    PHP version: 7.3.6
    OS Windows 2012 and Windows 2016 server with IIS
    Thanks for your help.
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