@AltamashShaikh opened this Issue on October 18th 2021 Contributor

When we try to import any datatable and try to export by unchecking "Expand subtables" option we can see expanded=1 is passed always

Expected Behavior

Ideally expanded should not be passed in the URL or '0' should be passed

Current Behavior

Setting expanded=1 always

Possible Solution

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)


Try to export Pages Following a Site Search and you can see even if you uncheck "Expand Subtable" expanded=1 is pass in the URL.


Was working on fixing issues for Funnels Plugin and observed this issue and was able to replicate the same on demo site.
Since expanded=1 is passed always the result shown on UI is with expanded=false due to which the output on export differs.

Your Environment

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@sgiehl commented on October 18th 2021 Member

Hey @AltamashShaikh
Thanks for creating this one. I can confirm that the checkbox doesn't work when clicking it the first time. Guess the initial value doesn't fit. Will have a quick look if it's easy to fix

This Issue was closed on October 18th 2021
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