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We noticed some plugins may cause a lot of CPU load. A solution is to disable a plugin that causes a lot of load. However, sometimes it be great to still have at least report data for "All visits" but not segments. This way say 95% of the load is reduced while the biggest value might be still there.

It be great if we had a new config ini flag to disable archiving the archiving for some plugins when the archiving is for any segment.

When this is disabled for a plugin then:

  • Don't archive any data for this plugin if segment is not empty
  • In the report itself, when a segment is viewed and there is no data, then show a footer message in the report that viewing segments for this report is disabled.
  • Reports for "all visits" (segment is empty) should still be archived regularly

Basically, a config setting like


Where we can provide the name of plugins in a comma separated list. Could also use an array if that makes it easier like


The config name is just a random thought without too much thinking. Feel free to change the name.

In tracking we can configure some settings on a per site basis see https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/how-do-i-configure-a-config-setting-in-the-config-ini-php-differently-for-a-specific-site/

If we could do this for this setting as well that would be even better. Eg if we could set below setting to only apply this for site 42 that would be even better.

This Issue was closed on December 7th 2021
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