@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on November 11th 2010

The getLastVisitsDetails of the LIVE Modul is limited to 25 rows by default.
I need to get all data for a specific date.
So I tried several things:

  1. Set the limit parameter to -1 which does not work.
  2. Set the limit paramter to 1000 just returns the first 50 entries.
  3. Setting the limit to the number of visits for the period (e.g. 256) also just return the first 50 entries.


We are using Piwik 1.0.

@robocoder commented on November 15th 2010 Contributor

I believe this is a timezone problem, rather than a "limit" problem. See #1769.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on November 16th 2010

Replying to vipsoft:

I believe this is a timezone problem, rather than a "limit" problem. See #1769.

Sorry, but I think this is not a timezone problem.
I searched the net for an "open" piwik installation with the live module enabled and found this one

At the moment of the requesting the live visitors the getVisits method returned 772 visits. But the Live.getLastVisitsDetails request just returns the last 50 rows.

I can see that the berkeley research page is not using piwik 1.0, but we have the same issue in our 1.0 installation.

@robocoder commented on November 17th 2010 Contributor

My mistake. This is subject to the "API_datatable_default_limit" setting in global.ini.php.

This Issue was closed on November 17th 2010
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