@peterhashair opened this Pull Request on September 23rd 2021 Contributor


add the last seen field to the UserManager.getUsers Api.

File change

  • plugins/UsersManager/API.php ( add date_last_seen field to the api return)
  • plugins/UsersManager/UserAccessFilter.php (it actualy loop users twice if not super admin. one in enrichUsers on in filterUsers)
  • plugins/UsersManager/tests/Integration/UsersManagerTest.php ( add test around the new field)
  • plugins/UsersManager/tests/System/ApiTest.php (accidently copied something there. Will remove)


@peterhashair commented on September 24th 2021 Contributor

For the api date_last_seen maybe is not a propery word, if we addt ime onto as its value. Suggest use last_seen if we want to use time, or we can remove the time, date_last_seen=date. Also for the time zone , should I use gmdate or just use date.

This Pull Request was closed on September 27th 2021
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