@Nehagaj opened this Issue on September 21st 2021

When exporting in an iframe a particular page using the Widgetize feature, when I try to export a report's data, and click on "Export this dataset in other formats" it opens a new window with the error : Error : Action "Iframe" not found in the module "API". The issue is coming up for the list tab in the iframe. It is working fine for the Charts tab.
What I do not understand is the same action iframe works for the module widgetize for the Charts tab and the same action iframe isnt found in the module widgetize for the List tab.

Can you please let us know how we can rectify this issue?

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@sgiehl commented on September 21st 2021 Member

Hi @Nehagaj
Could you please provide some simple steps how to reproduce that? If possible you could even provide some example urls or urls from our demo where you are able to produce the error.
Once we are able to reproduce we will see if / when we will be able to fix it.

@Nehagaj commented on September 23rd 2021

We won't be able to reproduce this issue on demo site of matomo since we are facing this issue in an iFrame that we have embedded into our application.
We are using below url for accessing the stats report :
which is giving us the following error

We select the stats report for a particular page and are trying to export the data in following format. refer attached image for the same. Once we click on export we are getting above error.

@tsteur commented on September 23rd 2021 Member

@Nehagaj what does the URL look like for the widget that you embed? The URL you mentioned above looks like it wasn't generated correctly (eg segment parameter not escaped, parameters there twice etc and two question marks etc). I understand above URL was generated from the exporter?

And you have a different URL for embedding the page URL report into a frame. What's the URL you use for that?

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