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From kamerman's comment:5 of #1552:

Last minute idea - I'm developing a plugin that won't work unless its settings are properly configured. Maybe there is a good way to send a user to the plugin's admin page when they attempt to activate it and only commit the activation if the plugin settings are configured successfully. A framework for this type of activity may be helpful for other plugins that require some settings to function properly. Many examples can be found in WordPress.

For more complex/involved configurations, plugins should continue to use Piwik_AddAdminMenu().

For lightweight configurations, we could add a "setup" icon that opens a popup dialog, or use an accordian widget to expand the settings inline. (Examples: Trac and Hudson)

@mattab commented on November 24th 2010 Member

Unless I'm mistaken, I think that the current plugin design can accomodate this. For example, until your plugin is configured (settings), you would just return false in the hooks that won't work unless the plugin was configured.

I don't think we want to allow redirecting users to the settings page after enabling the plugin as this would be confusing.

Maybe a generic solution would be, like wordpress, to add a 'messaging' system where plugins could write yellow messages at the top of the screen (notification messages).

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