@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on November 5th 2010

Maube add the column "Alias" in the user access table. This would help to seen which person has what rights. At the moment you have to scroll down and look up the name of each user to know whom you are giving what rights. Maybe add the "Alias" right next to the "Login" column in the 'manage access' settings. This would increase readability.

@robocoder commented on November 5th 2010 Contributor

If we do this, we should display the email address too, since alias is a free form field and isn't guaranteed to be unique (or even non-empty).

@mattab commented on January 17th 2011 Member

an easy to do yet useful improvement

@mattab commented on January 17th 2011 Member

(In [3763]) Fixes #1803 Added Alias column to the Manage permissions admin screen

Didn't add email column since this is private information, which would become visible to all admin users

This Issue was closed on January 17th 2011
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