@tomper00 opened this Issue on September 15th 2021

We have learnt the hard way that segments for URLs that use the citeras Contains and Does not contain has a very negative effect on the archiving performance, since both of them will generate MYSQL queries towards the visitor log that will not use an index.

Our solution was to rewrite a lot of these segments to use "Starts with" instead and this had a very good impact om our archiving in general.

We still have a few segments that use the "Does not contain" filer and fore these we do not really have a solution in place.

Adding the "Does not Start with" condition would really help our here.

@sgiehl commented on September 15th 2021 Member

Hi @tomper00
Thanks for creating this suggestion. Yes, segments using a contain might impact the archiving performance significant.
I don't think we will have time to implement additional segment operators in the near future, but if you have some free capacities a Pull Request would be very welcome.

@tomper00 commented on September 16th 2021

Ok will see what we can do!

@atom-box commented on January 30th 2022

A user notes:

Could you please add a feature to create segments for URL pages
1 which does'nt begin with
2 which does'nt end with

Thanks a lot for the good job.

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