@airblag opened this Issue on September 14th 2021


We set up a custom report of type evolution. When exporting it over the web interface as CSV, we get a list with Date, Visits, Unique visitors. With one line per day for the last month.

When setting up the email reporting for this report, we only get one line with the totals for the report period.

Sending a graph per mail shows values correctly for the month, but the table only shows totals.

We tried to play with the Report period and report schedule, but it doesn't change this behavior.

For me it looks like a bug.

Could you confirm that ?


@sgiehl commented on September 16th 2021 Member

@airblag Does this only happen for reports created with the custom reports plugin?

@airblag commented on September 16th 2021

@sgiehl Unfortunately, it happens with all reports. In between, I think it's designed like this, and it's not a bug.

My user is expecting the email report to be like the export function. To export metrics as the columns, and dates as the rows.
In the E-Mail reporting, the Tables are built differently : label and value(s). The period only influences the calculation of the total values for each label.
As a workaround I can build some email reporting with the whished CSV file from the export URL to make my user happy.

Unless you see here a possible need for UX improvement, I guess we can close this ticket.

@tsteur commented on September 16th 2021 Member

@airblag just to fully understand, could you send us a screenshot of the exact report configuration? Like chosen format, chosen reports, display options etc.

Thanks for this. We'll check then as well if it's meant to be like that or not.

@airblag commented on September 17th 2021

The custom report config I'm working with :


How it's displayed when calling it directly :


The HTML Export which is produced (that my user wanted to get regulary by mail)


And now, the config of the Mail report :


This is the only Report which is included (from the custom reports section)


Overview of the Personal Email Reports


And the output when you clik on "Download" (with the totals instead of the table of the 3rd screenshot)


@tsteur commented on September 20th 2021 Member

I see. Thanks for explaining this @airblag

That is currently actually expected behaviour.

I'll keep this issue open as a feature request just in case we'll work on this in the future and to see if other users find this valuable too.

Basically, what would be wanted is instead of this


Show the values for each subperiod in a table like this

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