@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on November 3rd 2010

Lists split into pages of five items such as Visitor Country and Provider have previous/next buttons below them. I think that both links should always be visible, but disabled when they don't apply (i.e. 'Previous' is disabled on the first page of the list). This would mean users don't have to move their mouse around when switching pages.

I'd be happy to make this happen, but could someone guide me on how to submit new code?

Keywords: wishlist

@mattab commented on November 4th 2010 Member
@robocoder commented on November 4th 2010 Contributor

The files affected would be: plugins/CoreHome/templates/datatable.js, datatable.css, and datatable_footer.tpl.

When testing your changes, you'll have to clear your browser cache and files in tmp/assets/*.

@mattab commented on January 15th 2011 Member

marking as wont fix for now

This Issue was closed on January 15th 2011
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