@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on November 2nd 2010

Live Visitors Widget isn't completely translated in German.
The common german translation of Link "more" (see attachement) is "mehr Informationen".
This Link has no href (I suppose this is intended) - that's a little bit confusing, because more information are in title attribut.

The proposal german translation of Link "View detailed visitor log" (see attachement) is "Detailierte Besucher Anzeige".


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on November 2nd 2010


@robocoder commented on November 2nd 2010 Contributor

There's another ticket to complete the translations.

I'm keeping this ticket open to deal specifically with the "more..." label. From a UI design perspective, it's bad to have a non-clicky with a label containing an ellipsis, as it gives the false impression of being clickable. It only provides a tooltip on mouseover/hover.


  • simply display the IP inline without a label
  • link it to the visitor log or popup that iframes the visitor log
  • reverse whois on ip (see #1317)
@mattab commented on November 24th 2010 Member

(In [3331]) Fixes #1794, Refs #1120

  • Fixing deduping error: now visitors converting more than one goal only appear once as expected (limitation: only one goal icon will show, rather than one icon per converted goal)
  • Removed the confusing "more..." text. Now displaying Visit duration after server datatetime, and displaying IP (for super users and admin) after the line of icons
  • Now showing the IP to super user and admin users (but not to anonymous or 'view' users)
This Issue was closed on November 24th 2010
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