@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on October 30th 2010

I discovered that piwik monitoring will not work if the piwik webserver is not available on https.

Configuring HTTPS is not so simple and assuming that if the monitored server is using HTTPS the same is valid for piwiki is a bad assumption.

Also even when HTTPS is configured if the certificate does not validate the monitoring will fail.

Another issue is performance, https does request additional load for both client and server, load that may not be desired.

By default piwik should work even if the server is available only on http://.

@robocoder commented on October 31st 2010 Contributor

Unfortunately, this is a web server configuration issue and outside of Piwik's scope.

If the web site being tracked is using https, you can't expect browsers to respect the non-SSL tracking.

Your options are:

  • get a valid SSL certificate for your Piwik web server
  • set up Piwik on the same domain as that being tracked
  • use Piwik's non-JavaScript tracking API on the web site being tracked as a proxy to your Piwik web server
This Issue was closed on October 31st 2010
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