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I posted this question the other day asking for help as to why my script would not allow me to add additional URL's. The response was to:

Login as your superuser. Go to Settings. Click on the Web Sites tab. Add
more sites...

This did not fix the problem.
I have tried that, and it does not work. Once all of the new data is entered into the input section and I hit the save button. Nothing gets saved. It takes me right back to where I started at for inputing a new website. It will not save the information.
I am using the 1.0 download and I have seen other post of people having the same problem but have yet to find a solution. That is why I am writing you again.

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@halfdan commented on October 29th 2010 Member

You need to click the green symbol on the right side of the input fields. The "save" button does not belong to those input fields.

That mistake is getting very common and should be adresses by the next layout review.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on October 29th 2010

BRAVO!!!!! (smile)
Thank you soooooooooo much!
On my computer screen I could not see the green button unless I move the screen to the far right. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Thank you!

I just love this script and glade to have it working.

One last question. Any idea when the newer version will be available that you mentioned?

@robocoder commented on October 29th 2010 Contributor

Timeframe for 1.1 is end of November to early December.

@mattab commented on November 16th 2010 Member

the usability issue is the ticket #1382

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