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NOTE: I looked for a duplicate but couldn't find an open issue.

Expected Behavior

If URLs with multiple domains are tracked to a single site, for example piwik1.net/some/path and piwik2.net/some/path, viewing /some/path in the Transitions UI should show data for both piwik1.net & piwik2.net URLs.

Current Behavior

Instead, only data for one URL is used. The URL that is chosen is the URL that ends up as the url metadata in the Actions.getPageUrls report. The action matching code in TableLogAction::getIdActionFromSegment doesn't ignore the host so only some data is selected.

Possible Solution

Some possible solutions:

  • look for idactions where the name ends in the path, rather than just the given URL. (may be a performance hit, especially if patching core logic)
  • store every URL host tracked somewhere in the actions report (would require re-archiving for users affected)
  • process this data with Actions.getPageUrls archiving (from a quick look, it seems possible to process this data as we aggregate over log_link_visit_action)

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

  1. track a visit to a site with the URL http://piwik1.net/some/path
  2. track a visit to the same site with the URL http://piwik2.net/some/path
  3. view the transitions report for /some/path. The pageviews count in the dropdown will be correct, the pageviews count in the main visualization will be incorrect.

NOTE: This bug is visible in our Transitions UI tests.

@diosmosis commented on August 11th 2021 Member

From our UI test:


See 24 vs 14

@webberian commented on July 1st 2022

Duplicate of #15039?

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