@nerdoc opened this Issue on July 30th 2021

Using Matomo version 4.3.1

I wanted to update Matomo, but after the klick on te update link and login, the Dashboard stays empty.

Expected Behavior

Matomo should load normally and load widgets - or update.

Current Behavior

After login, Matomo shows an empty page:
In the browser console it says:
GET https://analytics.nerdocs.at/index.php?module=Proxy&action=getCoreJs&cb=556b45688935c0968089623b67ce77c5

on the CLI, a console core:update tells me that everything is up to date. diagnostics:run tells me that some files are missing, but only files like

Missing file: /var/www/virtual/nerdoc/analytics.nerdocs.at/core/Updates/0.2.10.php                                                                                                      
Missing file: /var/www/virtual/nerdoc/analytics.nerdocs.at/core/Updates/0.2.12.php                                                                                                      
Missing file: /var/www/virtual/nerdoc/analytics.nerdocs.at/core/Updates/0.2.13.php     

500 error page says:

The ui asset with 'href' = ...node_modules/angular-cookies/angular-cookies.min.js is not readable

Possible Solution

I went into node_modules/angular-cookies and did a

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/angular/bower-angular-cookies/master/angular-cookies.min.js

So I downloaded a current js file from that as workaround. And promptly, Matomo worked again.

But why was this directory empty? BTW, node_modules/angular-mocks is empty too. But that's probably ok.

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)


Trying to make an upgrade to 4.4.0, as the link in the upgrade mail says.

  • Matomo Version: 4.3.1
  • PHP Version: PHP 7.3.29
  • Server Operating System: CentOS (Uberspace.de)
  • Additionally installed plugins:
    no I know of.
  • Browser: Firefox/Linux
  • Operating System: Manjaro Linux
@nerdoc commented on July 30th 2021

FYI: Upgrade went well after this workaround.

@tsteur commented on August 1st 2021 Member

angular-mocks should usually have a few files too but they might not be used. It sounds like during the last update something went wrong somehow or maybe someone deleted some files on the server by accident? Someone deleting files could be the case if it was working initially after the previous update and then now stopped working.

Great that it worked after this update. I'll close this error for now but feel free to comment if this happens again and we'll reopen it.

@nerdoc commented on August 2nd 2021

No, noone changed anything besides me in this Server, and i wasn't logged in since last update. So must:be been an error during update. Can't give more info as it already is done... I'll reopen if after next update sth. similar happens.

This Issue was closed on August 1st 2021
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