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Like others I had the problem of this message not getting fixed by running "core:create-security-files". Turns out, the domain in Apache was not configured to "AllowOverride All" which is needed for .htaccess to work.

A note should be added here that users should check this.

btw: When I tried to post the above text as a feedback on that page, I got blocked by WAF:

Request was blocked by WAF.
Request ID: 50562432-e4ff-44e5-97a6-9f4891e6376c
@tsteur commented on July 27th 2021 Member

Thanks for this @larsen0815 . Very appreciated. I've added this to the FAQ.

Regarding the WAF: Do you remember when you tried to post this? I couldn't find this request ID in the logs so far.

@larsen0815 commented on July 28th 2021

WAF: Right before I created this issue. Tried it twice within ~2 minutes.

@tsteur commented on July 28th 2021 Member

Thanks for this, found it now 👍

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