@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on October 24th 2010

Hey guys,

nothing to worry that bad about, nevertheless, in my mysql log the query

SELECT option_value, option_name FROM piwik_option WHERE autoload = 1;

appeared. This query does not use an index on the column autoload. As it contains not that much stuff the performance issue is not that dramatic but it gives spaces for optimisation at this point.
Or have there been any special reasons which I did not consider, yet?


@robocoder commented on October 24th 2010 Contributor

Is there a MySQL message?

@robocoder commented on October 24th 2010 Contributor

Nevermind. I found the setting: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/server-options.html#option_mysqld_log-queries-not-using-indexes

matt: add an index for autoload, option name, or both?

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on October 27th 2010

Well in this specific case i just checked with this one parameter autoload for selection and setting an additional indey for this column.
Maybe its worth a check to do an explain select on this query with both types of indexes and an in case the index of both fields does fine, too just measure the qeuery speed.

@mattab commented on November 16th 2010 Member

the primary key is option name already. I think it makes sense to add an index on autoload, to help the query autoloading the core _option values.

Given how _option is used in product, storing settings for websites and users, this suggestion makes sense.

@mattab commented on January 11th 2011 Member

(In [3696]) Page titles report improvements fixes #1898

  • new fields in 2 log tables (major schema upgrade in next release!)
  • code refactored and optimized,
    (only the UI to display top entry/exit page titles is missing)

Performance improvements

  • Actions Archiving is much more efficient, removed many JOINs and updating algorithm so that we select and parse action names only once per action.
  • Fixes #1600: datatables now indexed by int, no data migration but code works with both old and new data structure
  • Fixes #1780: new index

Improvements to integration tests

  • never loads the Provider plugin in proxy-piwik.php since reverse ip lookup slows up tests a lot
  • fixing a test result that were previously incorrect (_withCookieSupport) because a static cache wasn't cleaned after each test
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