@Starker3 opened this Issue on July 14th 2021

Currently the only method to check for failed login attempts is to check the brute_force_log table for any entries or to check the Activity Log if the failed login attempt was from the UI.

Since there may be cases when people can accidentally get themselves blocked by making API requests with an invalid token (For example running a script that sends a series of API requests) it can sometimes be difficult for them to realize that they accidentally blocked themselves.

Other times it can be useful for Super Users to check the brute force log for failed login attempts to be aware of when someone may be trying to gain unauthorized access (Before the IP is blocked or after the block expires).

It would be great if we could show the brute_force_log in the UI (Maybe in the existing Brute Force Log under Diagnostics) or alternatively as a CLI command for users to run without needing to run a SQL query.

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