@tomper00 opened this Issue on July 7th 2021

We have an issue in 2 different Matomo environments where the visitor log view is timing out, but only for users with the super user role.
The error the user get is:
"Oops… there was a problem during the request. ...."

For users with less access it works fine.


Both of these environments have quite a lot of data in them but the it happens for any website in the instans (event for the ones with almost no data in them).

For installations with the same codebase (and set up) with less data in them we do not see the issue, so it seems to be ralated to the overall size of the databases.

For some size references for the database (number of rows in one of the databases)
matomo_log_link_visit_action 840,903,526
matomo_log_visit 74,036,264

The total DB size is 514 GB

We are running Matomo 4.3.1

@sgiehl commented on July 8th 2021 Member

Hi @tomper00
Did your super user maybe change the display limit at some point and Matomo tries to load a lot more data?
You could check if there is an entry in the option table where the option_name is viewDataTableParameters_user_Live.getLastVisitsDetails (you need to replace user with the users login).
If there is an higher filter_limit stored you can simply remove the record to reset it to the default.

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