@Ryuno-Ki opened this Issue on June 29th 2021

Expected Behavior

In a German setup, adding a new website shows a typo for the Visitor Profile checkbox.

Current Behavior


has a character swap.

Possible Solution

  • Update the JSON (Feautre -> Feature).
  • Run some spellcheck as GitHub Action? (stretch goal)

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

  1. Log into Matomo (I'm self-hosting)
  2. Switch to Settings
  3. Use Quicklink to create a new tracking (general website, i.e. not internal)
  4. Scroll down to Visitor Profile
  5. Read explanation card


Typos are haunting me. (I'm fine, thanks).

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.3.1
  • PHP Version: 7.4.20
  • Server Operating System: CentOS (I believe - it's shared hosting)
  • Additionally installed plugins:
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Operating System: Sabayon Linux
@Findus23 commented on June 29th 2021 Member


Thanks for the notice, I fixed the translation.
If you like fixing typos, you can join the translation team on transifex: https://www.transifex.com/matomo/matomo :)

@Ryuno-Ki commented on June 29th 2021

Ah, there it is!
I was a bit confused by the outgoing link. (German seems to be fine with 99%).

This Issue was closed on June 29th 2021
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