@kevin-shelaga opened this Issue on June 25th 2021

The following settings do not disable plugins as expected, is this currently possible?

enable_trusted_host_check = 0
salt = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
enable_marketplace = 0
enable_goals = 0
enable_tour = 0
enable_feedback = 0
enable_mobilemessaging = 0
enable_ecommerce = 0

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@sgiehl commented on June 25th 2021 Member

Hi @kevin-shelaga.
It is possible to simple deactivate plugins in the UI. If that doesn't suite you, you can use the console command ./console plugin:deactivate pluginname or remove the plugin from the plugins list in config.ini.php

@kevin-shelaga commented on June 25th 2021

Thank you @sgiehl how would I disable them from the UI? I could not find instructions for that. I am on 4.3.1.

When I removed the plugin from the config file, it would be automatically added back in a second later. It do you mean remove the plugin from the plugin directory?

@sgiehl commented on June 25th 2021 Member

In administration under System > Plugins. But some plugins can't be disabled as they are required.

@kevin-shelaga commented on June 25th 2021

@sgiehl tyvm!

This Issue was closed on June 25th 2021
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