@JE4GLE opened this Issue on May 28th 2021 Contributor


The option to provide a favicon for the self-hosted matomo installation is very good, but it is still missing different favicon sizes to be displayed properly on every operating system. For example, I added my matomo link to my favorites in macOS and iOS, but it isn't using the favicon as an icon.
Generating different sizes for favicons would be a great improvement. See this site for an example of the different favicon sizes: https://www.favicon-generator.org

@Findus23 commented on May 31st 2021 Member


I think nowadays every browser should support a simple single PNG file that is high resolution enough as a favicon and scale it to the size it needs.
I think the issue is just that Matomo resizes the favicon image to 32x32px on upload which might be a bit small.
I guess just increasing that number should improve the situation already a lot (especially as the default Matomo favicon is 256x256px)

But one would also need to update the resizing logic below to never upscale icons.

@sgiehl commented on May 31st 2021 Member

Guess it makes sense to simply generate a bigger one 👍

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