@peterbo opened this Issue on May 27th 2021 Contributor

When a certain segment (archived server side) is selected, daily reports are correct, but range/monthly/year reports are completely off / wrong. It seems like the higher periods would use outdated / wrong archives to calculate data. The numbers are all wrong, but in the visits count, this is most obvious, because it shows 15 times more visits than pageviews, but in the graphs you can see, that pageviews are always higher than visits. It is possible that the segment was edited shortly after the setup, but the client can't tell for sure.

Expected Behavior

Segment reporting should only use correct segment archives.

Current Behavior

Since the segment reports is showing the wrong data, I suspect it to use the wrong archives.

Possible Solution

Make sure to use the correct archive identifiers and don't use outdated archives, especially (but not only) after the segment definition was changed.

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

Not reproducible on demo. I suspect this to be a rare edge case, since I wasn't able to reproduce it in 3 different instances.



Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.2.0
  • PHP Version: 7.4
  • Server Operating System: Debian
  • Additionally installed plugins: Funnels, Custom Reports, Cohorts, Heatmaps, A/B Tests, MediaAnalytics, FormAnalytics

Segment definition:


@diosmosis commented on May 27th 2021 Member

Hi @peterbo, there were a lot of bugs fixed around this in 4.3, would you be able to upgrade and check again? It might be required to invalidate the periods w/ inaccurate data.

@peterbo commented on May 27th 2021 Contributor

Hi @diosmosis thanks for the fast response! At the moment, we can't update yet, but I hope this will be possible soon, since it's also my recommendation. I'll report back, when the update was done, but it can take some time (because of client infrastrcture and compliance).

@ggr-mtm commented on June 1st 2021

We were facing to the same problem with 4.2.1 version. And now I confirm, all problem ar solved with 4.3. But you may need to truncate report tables before invalidate .

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