@mathContao opened this Issue on May 26th 2021


There are hyperlinks in the mouse title. The user cannot click on it, because the mouse title disapper when the coursor moves to the text.
The text of link is difficult to read: dark grey font color on black background.

Expected Behavior

no links in the mouse title.

Current Behavior

see above

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.3.1
  • Browser: Firefox 88
@sgiehl commented on May 27th 2021 Member

Hi @mathContao
Thanks for creating this issue. Having links in tooltips indeed doesn't make much sense. In this case I guess the description is used that is also displayed on the system check page.
Guess we likely won't change that, as we otherwise would need new tooltip descriptions for each system check item, which would cause a lot new translations being needed. But we maybe could remove the <a> tags in this case.

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