@math-GH opened this Issue on May 20th 2021
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link: /index.php?module=CoreAdminHome&action=generalSettings&idSite=1&period=year&date=today

In English it is mostly quite ok, because the texts are short.
In German it happens often, because of longer texts.

Expected Behavior

more whitespace between label and input

Current Behavior

less whitespace

Possible Solution

CSS: less "line-height" (f.e. 1em)

I do not understand why the label follows after the input in HTML.


Better would be: first the label, then the input.

The label could be display: block, so it would not overflow the input.

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

see screen shots

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: matomo.cloud
  • Browser: Firefox 88
  • Operating System: MacOS
@diosmosis commented on May 20th 2021 Member

Thanks for the bug report @mathContao, there certainly could be more space in this situation!

This Issue was closed on October 7th 2021
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