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fixes #17571


  • [ ] Functional review done
  • [ ] Potential edge cases thought about (behavior of the code with strange input, with strange internal state or possible interactions with other Matomo subsystems)
  • [ ] Usability review done (is anything maybe unclear or think about anything that would cause people to reach out to support)
  • [ ] Security review done see checklist
  • [ ] Code review done
  • [ ] Tests were added if useful/possible
  • [ ] Reviewed for breaking changes
  • [ ] Developer changelog updated if needed
  • [ ] Documentation added if needed
  • [ ] Existing documentation updated if needed
@flamisz commented on May 20th 2021 Contributor

looks good @flamisz 👍 Left a comment and wondering if we can directly close the popup once a share link was clicked and then we never show it again. Assuming most people would only share through one network anyway.

I haven't looked yet is it already implemented to not show the banner again once clicked on a social network? Could maybe show in the thank you message otherwise "Thank you... we won't show this banner again" or something?

We can do that, yes. I think originally we tried something like this but modified thinking about someone who wants to share on multiple platforms.
In this version, because we have the 2 buttons after the user shares it, I don't close it, just show the thanks message and the user can decide which button to use closing it.
But I like the idea to close it, don't show it again after a user shares even on one platform. They can share it without this modal if they want later too.

So I will modify it to close the modal, save it to not show it again, and show the thanks message with the recommended text.

@tsteur commented on May 20th 2021 Member

Cheers @flamisz 💯

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