@mathContao opened this Issue on May 19th 2021


User interface language: German

What I did:
Changed some settings of a website

Expected Behavior

OK-Message in German (f.e. "Website wurde aktualisiert")

Current Behavior

OK message in English

Possible Solution

translation added

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

  1. Go to matomo.cloud/index.php?module=SitesManager&action=index&idSite=1&period=year&date=today
  2. edit page seetings
  3. save it


German user interface

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: matomo.cloud
@Findus23 commented on May 19th 2021 Member
@sgiehl commented on May 19th 2021 Member

Thanks @mathContao for creating the issue.
Putting into current milestone as it should be fixable in a couple of minutes.

@Findus23 commented on June 14th 2021 Member

This got fixed by #17673, right @justinvelluppillai?

This Issue was closed on June 14th 2021
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