@basos9 opened this Issue on May 19th 2021


The Visitor map does not show any Region (I think since the last upgrade from matomo 3 to 4.2)

This may be related https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/16714


While regions are detected for most users

We are using the maxmind geoip2 (free) db


EditionIDs GeoLite2-ASN GeoLite2-City GeoLite2-Country
@sgiehl commented on May 19th 2021 Member

Hi @basos9.
Thanks for creating the issue. I just had a quick look and it seems the map leaks the iso attributes so the visitors can't be shown correctly. I'll try to prepare a PR that should fix this quickly.

This Issue was closed on May 19th 2021
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