@dev-101 opened this Issue on May 17th 2021

No, seriously folks, I don't need this reminder in order to recommend something. Pls don't clutter already cluttered space with ridiculous popups and banners and what not. Pls don't make us use ad-blocker on our own self-hosted analytics ffs. Thx.


Instead, it would be better to actually ad a changelog for the latest version 4.3.0 here https://matomo.org/changelog/

@diosmosis commented on May 18th 2021 Member
@diosmosis commented on May 18th 2021 Member

Original issue for the banner: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/16803

@tsteur commented on May 19th 2021 Member

Here are few tweaks to make:

  • The refer banner should be first shown after 6 months (i think currently it is right away). So if ReferReminder.getUserOption===false then we'd set the time to in 6 months so it will be shown in 6 months (after a user has used it for a while). We may need to double check the reminder date won't overlap with the review reminder. Maybe, if no date for refer reminder is set but a date for the next review reminder then we might need to find a solution so they won't overlap and there is at least 6 weeks between them. To make this work we might have to change the review reminder from every 3 months to say every 6 months. Be great to have a think about this how this could work.
  • We change the wording in the banner to If you like Matomo please help us spread the word about us so more people get control over their analytics data. Share us on [social media icon].
  • We also change all link to https://matomo.org/ instead of the current landing page.
  • We remove the refer matomo button. The social media share message stays the same for now.
  • We have an option "never show again"
  • We don't show it if any premium feature is installed. I think there is no method yet for this so far but we can probably iterate over all active plugins and call $plugin->isPremiumFeature() to find out if at least one premium feature is installed.

we could also make the look the same as when we ask for a review:


The title be then "Like Matomo?" etc. It be a bit like below but the icons be the social media ic/ons. This way the look be more consistent but we could also keep existing look if preferred.


@flamisz commented on May 19th 2021 Contributor

Adding buttons/links like Remind me later and Never ask me again to a footer banner doesn't look very good and almost impossible in one line.
So maybe the modal is the better option and this way we are more consistent as @tsteur mentioned.

@flamisz commented on May 19th 2021 Contributor

I have a PR for the first new version for this #17598.

That includes all the changes from @tsteur's comment, except the premium feature related (yet).
I used modal instead of a banner.

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