@math-GH opened this Issue on May 16th 2021

link: https://demo.matomo.cloud/index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday#?idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday&segment=&category=Dashboard_Dashboard&subcategory=1


Expected Behavior

no CSS error

Current Behavior

cannot use letter-spacing property, because of missed unit

Possible Solution

a) update Wave library (used version from 2014: 0.6.0, newest version from 2018: 0.7.6)
b) fix this error with a unit (f.e. "rem")
c) check if this library is still in use and maybe do not use it anymore

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

see above

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 2.4.1 (demo.matomo.cloud)
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Operating System: Windows 10
@Findus23 commented on May 16th 2021 Member


All of this is a part of materialize.css and I think this is the line causing the error:
(the waves thing is just in the same line when minified)

So this is the same as https://github.com/Dogfalo/materialize/pull/6593, https://github.com/Dogfalo/materialize/pull/6018, https://github.com/Dogfalo/materialize/issues/6492

As materialize.css is unmaintained, I doubt this will be fixed, but you could propose a fix to the fork (https://github.com/materializecss/materialize) and once Matomo uses the fork (https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/16368), this will be fixed.

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