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Some sites can legitimately have 0 visits, like sites imported from google. While debugging the GoogleAnalyticsImporter test failures I noticed nothing was being invalidated because of this check. Removing it in this PR.


  • [ ] Functional review done
  • [ ] Potential edge cases thought about (behavior of the code with strange input, with strange internal state or possible interactions with other Matomo subsystems)
  • [ ] Usability review done (is anything maybe unclear or think about anything that would cause people to reach out to support)
  • [ ] Security review done see checklist
  • [ ] Code review done
  • [ ] Tests were added if useful/possible
  • [ ] Reviewed for breaking changes
  • [ ] Developer changelog updated if needed
  • [ ] Documentation added if needed
  • [ ] Existing documentation updated if needed
@diosmosis commented on May 4th 2021 Member

Noticed this has other changes in it, will remove them...

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@tsteur commented on May 4th 2021 Member
@diosmosis commented on May 4th 2021 Member

@tsteur it was an optimization. IIRC you suggested it in a review (I can't remember the exact reasoning), then decided it wasn't that important, but I added it anyway because "why not?". (I guess this is "why not" :) ). I guess we could still do the check, though, if we use the event in Loader.php (isSiteUsingTracker or something similar).

@diosmosis commented on May 4th 2021 Member

@tsteur found another regression causing the importer tests to fail, added in the latest commit.

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