@utrautmann opened this Issue on April 26th 2021

When I configure an Email report with some goals to report, so I have a list of checkboxes.

If I now select the checkboxes "Goals overview" - marked red, see screenshot - , there are no results in the report. even though goals have been achieved.

This are the results in my report (downloaded report):
I have 14 conversions, but Goals overview is empty



  • Matomo Version: 4.2.1
@diosmosis commented on May 5th 2021 Member

Hi @utrautmann, I wasn't able to reproduce this myself. Could you try the following to help us figure out what's going on:

  • check if this is true of all dates/periods or just some of them
  • check if data appears in Goals Overview if it's the only report in an email report
@utrautmann commented on May 7th 2021

@diosmosis , I can reproduce this in all constellations you mentioned and additionally in three different Matomo 4.2.1 installations.
I did not find any constellation where the "Goals overview" works in the email report.

As a further addition: "Goals Overview - Visits to Conversion" and "Goals Overview - Days to Conversion" are not empty in the same report. The report tables contain conversions in the selected period.

@diosmosis commented on May 9th 2021 Member

Hi @utrautmann, thanks for checking! I'm not sure what's going on in your Matomo, but I suspect we'll need some sort of access to make progress. Would you be willing to provide access to your Matomo instance (enough to be able to see and preferrable create new reports)? If so, can you email dizzy@innocraft.com?

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