@mattab opened this Issue on April 23rd 2021 Member

In the context of CNIL submission of Matomo for exemption, it would be valuable if there was an easy way to disable the capability segment users based on the Visitor ID dimension.

We currently offer privacy feature to disable "visitor profile" feature in:

Screenshot from 2021-04-23 13-20-37

-> when either of these checkboxes is clicked (ie. the visitor profile is disabled), then we would also expect that it's not possible to segment on the Visitor ID. But currently it is possible to create/use segments based on Visitor ID.

(What should happen to existing segments that use Visitor ID but now the dimension is not available? it would be useful if we could "hide" them from the segment list as long as the feature is disabled. And if the feature is enabled again then the segment become visible again?)

This Issue was closed on May 11th 2021
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