@cinatic opened this Issue on March 31st 2021

i had problems when using the following password for the initial user 11!test$Lc&gCu+_+gB2c5dQGzywtuS=5M+, this should be error handled

@sgiehl commented on March 31st 2021 Member

Hi @cinatic. Thanks for creating the issue. What exactly is the problem with this password? Wasn't it accepted by Matomo as valid, or weren't you able to login with it after setting up the account?

@Findus23 commented on March 31st 2021 Member


I tested it and it worked perfectly fine (as one would expect).

Can you please provide more details? What exactly did you do? What exactly went wrong? Did you see any errors? Maybe in the browser console or the server log?

@cinatic commented on March 31st 2021

huh turned out it was a problem with the reverse proxy sorry, i also tested it again with the same image on local docker works as expected

This Issue was closed on March 31st 2021
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