@gpadbidri opened this Issue on March 22nd 2021

We have an On-Premise Setup of Matomo - We have a requirement that EVREY registered Website on Matomo Dashboard displays graph with Pageviews by hour, total pageviews, and then top pages of the day and their pageviews at the bottom.
Is it possible to create a Report that splits the Total Page Views by the hour for the last 24 hours ?

My queries around the same :

  1. Is it possible by creating a Custom Plugin / Widget ?
  2. If # 1 is not possible - is it possible to achieve the same using Custom reports Plugin ?
  3. I need a way where I do not want to invest in a Custom Reports plugin just to have a COUPLE of reports ? Can you suggest me a workaround of how can the above mentioned REPORTS be achieved with a GRAPH.
@diosmosis commented on March 22nd 2021 Member

Hi @gpadbidri, unfortunately we don't answer questions in this issue tracker but only handle feature requests or bug reports. We'd greatly appreciate it if you asked the question in our forum: https://forum.matomo.org/ . Thanks for your understanding. Note: if you also have inquiries into our premium features, like CustomReports, please email our support at shop@innocraft.com.

@gpadbidri commented on March 23rd 2021

Sure, Thanks !

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