@Chardonneaur opened this Issue on March 15th 2021

When I create a segment when the value does not equal something and apply it to a roll-up. It does not work. For example: creating a segment which does not contain such url within the visit...results in this filter to be ignored.

Expected Behavior

If I apply a does not equal or does not contain to a segment, the result should end up in not having those visits within the segment results.

Current Behavior

The segment does not include this negative condition.
event if within the URL i can clearly read the != operator

Possible Solution

To double check the result as I have the feeling that a negative condition equals to not doing anything.

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

  1. Create a segment with a does contain filter
  2. Identify if this segment, once applied results in changes.


Such segment is really useful when using a rollup for a website you would like to exclude.

Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 4.2.1
@tsteur commented on March 15th 2021 Member

Hi @Chardonneaur thanks for creating this issue. As it's about a premium feature do you mind reaching out to our support? We only manage issues for core here. Thanks for that.

This Issue was closed on March 15th 2021
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