@flamisz opened this Pull Request on March 4th 2021 Contributor


fixes #17242

When we have very long words in the datatable header rows, it can cause wide columns, so the user has to scroll horizontally to see every data.
With a new twig filter, we can truncate the header string word by word. The whole word and more detailed explanation still viewable by hovering the mouse on the text.


  • [ ] Functional review done
  • [ ] Usability review done (is anything maybe unclear or think about anything that would cause people to reach out to support)
  • [ ] Security review done see checklist
  • [ ] Code review done
  • [ ] Tests were added if useful/possible
  • [ ] Reviewed for breaking changes
  • [ ] Developer changelog updated if needed
  • [ ] Documentation added if needed
  • [ ] Existing documentation updated if needed
@flamisz commented on March 7th 2021 Contributor

Closing for now, as we changing the language file instead.

This Pull Request was closed on March 7th 2021
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