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Expected Behavior

When clicking on a row evolution icon, I should be able to see correctly the evolution of the row data:


Current Behavior

Three different errors are occurring:

  1. [Reproducible in demo.matomo.cloud] Matomo completely breaks, throwing the following error:
    In my local environment, looks like this:
  2. [Reproducible in demo.matomo.cloud] The graphic shows itself empty:
  3. [Couldn't reproduce in demo.matomo.cloud] After closing the empty graphic from the previous step, another graphic is automatically opened; this time, with data:

Possible Solution

Based on this information:

Call to undefined method Piwik\DataTable\Map::getRows()
in C:\xampp\htdocs\piwik\updated-version\plugins\CustomDimensions\API.php line 66

We get to:


The problem described in the first point of the previous section, appears when the hit from JS includes the parameter idSubtable. Another difference between the hits is the presence of the paramater flat with value 0.

Good request:

Bad request:

Another important thing happening is that the method getCustomDimension is being called several times when processing the request; the last execution of it, receives the parameter $date with a range of dates (2021-02-05,2021-02-15, for instance); when this happens and the parameter idSubtable is present, the method Archive::createDataTableFromArchive is executed and it does not return a DataTable, reason why we get the error described before.

By avoiding the execution of the method Archive::createDataTableFromArchive, the first error disapears, but the second and third one continue happening.

Steps to Reproduce (for Bugs)

1.Enter to demo.matomo.cloud
2.Enter to Behaviour->Page Author
3.Expand any row and click on the Open Row Evolution icon of one of the subtable rows
4.Close the dialog using the X button
5.Click on the Open Row Evolution icon of another of the subtable rows
6.If the error does not appear, try the previous step but with a register of another subtable

About the second error, repeat the same steps but using the Acquisition->Websites section.

The third error appears jointly with the second one. Although, I couldn't reproduce it in demo.matomo.cloud.


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Your Environment

  • Matomo Version: 3.13.5
  • PHP Version: 7.4.6
  • Server Operating System: Linux
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Operating System: Windows

CC: @pardvm

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