@mathContao opened this Issue on February 7th 2021

In my opinion the resolution statistics are less usefull because it does not summarize the most important numbers: the width.

Right now for the width 360px it is listed: 360x640, 360x780, 360x74, 360x760, 360x720, 360x800

The height is less important.
I am interested in: how many visits/vistors use my website with which width in pixel (because of media query breaking points)

Esspecially I am interessted in the API module resultion.
F.e. Resultion.getWidth() => Export via XML, JSON

What do you think about it?

@diosmosis commented on February 7th 2021 Member

Thanks @mathContao for the suggestion, you're right this isn't currently possible and it could be useful. I can't think of a way to do this currently with Matomo, but I think a plugin that did it would be fairly simple to write.

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