@MISTAnalytics opened this Issue on February 4th 2021

Matomo does not seem to pick up the custom reports in the scheduled email functionality. In the attached screenshots (part I, II, III) a full scheduled Matomo report is being displayed. However, the first four sections are being displayed which are basic Matomo widgets but the last four sections are not which are custom report widgets. The report stops after Video Titles but there are more sections expected.

It helps to be able to schedule a full report instead of only parts of the scheduled report.

The scheduled report

Matomo scheduled email report part I
Matomo scheduled email report part II
Matomo scheduled email report part III

@diosmosis commented on February 5th 2021 Member

hi @MISTAnalytics, sorry you're experiencing this issue. Would you be able to post the definition of the email report? Would you also be able to post the response to the API.getReportMetadata API method (as an attachment as it should be quite large)?

(If any of these have information you wouldn't want to post here, you can also email them to me at dizzy@innocraft.com.)

@MISTAnalytics commented on February 6th 2021

Hi @diosmosis, I just sent you all the requested input by mail.

Please let me know.

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