@unikitty37 opened this Issue on February 3rd 2021

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https://github.com/AmazingDreams/vue-matomo/issues/47 implies that, if a user denies consent and then later grants it in the same session, all the events that took place between denying consent and granting it will be tracked.

Is this true? My reading of GDPR is that, as consent was denied for those events, they should not be tracked, or even sent to the Matomo instance.

@diosmosis commented on February 9th 2021 Member

Hi @unikitty37, thanks for the interesting question! We discussed this internally and thought that this behavior could indeed be problematic for single page apps. However there's a simple solution in that the app could just not queue any tracking requests until it knows consent is given. Ie, only call the track methods on the JS tracker after consent is given. This puts the onus on users of matomo's JS tracker, so it would likely have to be implemented in the referenced library if not already done this way.

Since the question is answered, I'll close this now.

This Issue was closed on February 9th 2021
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